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Food Equipment Engineering Services Pty Ltd has the skill set to provide comprehensive food equipment repair Perth wide. We offer full maintenance, fault finding, installation, service and repair of all brands of commercial kitchen, catering and restaurant food equipment. From the smallest restaurant appliance to a 50mm oven gas supply, or to the heavy lifting of new equipment installation. From plumbing to a new energy efficient hot water system. We offer on-site repair and engineering solutions, and in most cases are able to provide relatively seamless integration.

Both electric and gas units are extremely reliable and user friendly in terms of trouble shooting. The elements in the electric versions are incredibly robust so to that end give little trouble. Mostly just remember no scratch cloth on the inside surfaces. The sheen is designed as a reflective surface to aid with less heat loss. The chemical clean process is paramount to its reliability. Door seal integrity is a must.

Notable brands: Convotherm, Goldstein, Rational

Commercial Ovens

Service, Repairs & Installation

Every customer sees the experience of eating in your establishment as a tactile reference point and as such they are put off easily by a dirty plate, fork, cup, glass or eating utensil. Wash quality saves your reputation when it comes to displaying the finely plated meal landing at a customers table. A regular dishwasher service will help keep those customers coming back!

Notable brands: Eswood, Moffat, Washtech

Commercial Dishwashers

Service, Repairs & Installation

These units are not for the faint-hearted. Compact, low-oil volume available, separate vats, energy efficient electric or gas. The thing is you only need the vat based on demand: 1, 2 or 3 vats. It’s programmable to take a specific time frame to cook various products. You can even order them in a split vat. It has timer alarm to prompt you when the optimal cook time has elapsed. This helps to keep your quality assurance up. They also provide a filter system integral to the unit as well. That’s right, you can filter once, twice, three times a day if you want. You can get many years of service from deep friers if maintained correctly.

Notable brands: Frymaster

Commercial Deep Fryers

Service, Repairs & Installation

This machine is a fundamental piece of equipment for any coffee roaster so keeping it in good working condition is essential. The gas burner is the heart of the process and much time is spent heating a mass of steel to provide a roast temperature required for your roast profile. Approximately 60% of heat will escape the machine due to several factors so ensuring an efficient burn is the most cost-efficient element. As chaff build-up in internal ducting and fan blades from the bean roast process hinders roaster operation prevention is key. Coffee roasters are also a Type B appliance and can only be serviced or repaired by a Type B gas engineer, like Food Equipment Engineering.

Commercial Coffee Roasters

Service, Repairs & Installation

After something different? We service a wide-range of catering equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, commercial hot water systems, and more. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Complete Commercial Kitchen Servicing

“I called Food Equipment Engineering when the deep fryer stopped working and they were on site repairing it that same morning. These guys know what they're doing! Thanks Peter!”


Head Chef

“Working with Peter and his team was an easy, smooth process. Replacement parts were sourced and fitted quickly and the team was keen to answer as many questions as my staff could ask. The kitchen is the engine room of our business and having Food Equipment Engineering on hand has taken the stress out of keeping it running smoothly. Great work guys, thanks!”


Hospitality Manager

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No matter what your needs, Food Equipment Engineering offers support and guidance at every step.



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